5 Ways You Can Reduce The Appearance of Dark Eye Circles

If you're looking weary and fatigued due to dark under-eye circles, then these are some steps you can take to freshen your look

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The next time you chat about beauty with your friends, ask them what their top concerns are and chances are, dark eye circles will be one of them. As one of the top Google searches, it seems that undereye circles are a major concern for many women but yet, most of us rely on concealers to hide them rather than address the root of the problem.

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This is because more often than not, dark eye circles are basically blood vessels around the eye contour area showing through as a result of thinning skin. This is why under eye circles seem to be more common and more visible in people who are more advanced with age, since our skin loses its density as we get older. Another major factor that causes dark eye circles is the lack of sleep because inadequate rest can lead to poor circulation, which is why our skin looks dull and our undereye area looks shadowy. And just like many other skincare concerns, it could be due to allergies or just because some people are genetically predisposed to dark eye circles.

Genetics aside, there are a host of solutions when it comes to getting rid of dark eye circles. Whether you choose to seek professional help and see a derm, prefer to explore DIY options or are simply struggling to find the perfect concealer that won’t sink into wrinkles, here are the top 5 ways to reduce the appearance of dark eye circles.