Where To Get Your Hands On A Designer Handbag For A Fraction Of The Cost

Designer handbags

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In the past, it seemed like there were only two ways to purchase designer handbags. You could either save up for ages or you could chance upon a luxury consignment retailer to purchase one at a discounted price. But luxury consignment retailers with great curations aren’t easy to find.

They don’t advertise as heavily, and sometimes the ones with the best selection of merchandise were quaint little vintage shops overseas that not everyone had access to. There’s also the real fear of accidentally purchasing a fake bag as well.

But online shopping has changed the game of the resale market, prompting many of these businesses to go online, giving consumers like you and I a chance to shop globally from like-minded peers. Many of them have special teams dedicated to authenticating the merchandise they receive as well so that buyers will be able to trust their sites. This way you no longer have to travel to Paris in order to hunt for that cute little vintage Chanel backpack you once saw in a vintage store. Now it’s only a few clicks away.

And because we believe sharing is caring, scroll through for a couple of our favourite luxury resale sites, and the bargains we couldn’t believe we found there.


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