Yoga Poses That Will Help You Get Naturally Glowing Skin

If you’re ever practiced any form of yoga, whether at an upscale boutique studio or at home with a Youtube video, you’ll probably have had an instructor ask you to “set an intention for your practice”. Where ‘de-stressing’ and ‘weight loss’ are common goals, have you ever considered ‘achieving glowing skin’?


It sounds crazy to think we could simply turn to yoga instead of harsh Benzoyl peroxide and Salicylic acid to tame breakouts and achieve that #nofilter glow, but according to the ancient Indian healing tradition of Ayurveda, there are certain yoga poses that are believed to help improve your skin’s appearance.

The link between yoga and clear skin lies in the breathing techniques, which help to alleviate stress – a major contributing factor to hormonal breakouts, oily skin and dullness. Sun and moon salutations (you’ll find these flows in most yoga routines) also contribute to clearer skin, as the movements help to expedite the body’s detox process, ridding your body of toxins that potentially cause acne.

While we don’t recommend ditching your expensive masks or acne-fighting products just yet, we say, there is absolutely no harm in getting in more yoga (other benefits include weight loss, a more toned physique, flexibility and improved overall well-being).

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Try incorporating these 10 poses into your daily life, along with a healthy diet, to get your best skin ever: