You Can Now Get An Entire Designer Wardrobe For Less Than $400

With all your parties planned, you will need fresh outfits to show up in. After all, there are only so many times you can wear the same black dress without your friends starting to realise that you’re re-wearing your clothes. So given that (and because your bonus is in), hop over to The Treasure Collective to check out their vast array of high-end designer threads, which you can rent for a small fraction of the cost.

At just $399 a month, you get a rotation of five pieces to rent, and you have an unlimited amount of rotations in a month. This means you can easily get a new look a day! Pick from straight-off-the-runway Dior pieces or graphic dresses from Carven, or browse through The Treasure Collective’s selection of fabulous eveningwear. To share more, here’s a short chat we had with the founders, Tresor Anne Tan and Carolyn Tan.

You Can Now Get An Entire Designer Wardrobe For Less Than $400

The Treasure Collective’s founders, Carolyn Tan (left) and Tresor Anne Tan (right).

How did the idea of The Treasure Collective (TTC) come about?

Tresor Anne Tan: We created TTC as we wanted to address a common problem still facing many consumers, ourselves included: the desire to have new clothes, even though a large percentage of our wardrobes is underutilized or neglected. Additionally, we observed a gap in the clothes-sharing market. While there’ve been a number of players offering evening wear, there wasn’t any that really offered high-end designer labels or sought-after runway pieces that are out of reach to most.

We want TTC to address these problems, by making consumers’ wardrobes work for them. Members of our collective can benefit from renting out pieces they own, or rent designer pieces from our platform at a fraction of the cost. As a peer-to-peer rental platform, TTC essentially connects the people with the clothes to the people who want the clothes, and this promotes a more sustainable fashion lifestyle.

Carolyn Tan: We are big believers that fashion can be enjoyed and does not necessarily have to come at a high price, be it on our wallet or to the environment. Studies globally have shown an alarming rate of clothing overconsumption, resulting in truckloads of clothing being thrown away every second.

You Can Now Get An Entire Designer Wardrobe For Less Than $400

Can you explain how TTC works?

Tresor: TTC is a platform for everyone! Our members can rent clothes from other users, or consign their items through the platform for additional income. Members can rent on an ad-hoc basis or subscribe to a monthly rental plan called Club Infinity. It takes the hassle out of our member’s daily lives as they can choose five items at a go, and have the items pressed and delivered to them. Once they are done, they can select their next round of five pieces. There is no limit to the number of rotations and in fact, we have seen a number of our subscribers use get five pieces on a near-weekly basis, which works out to be at least 15 designer pieces in a month!

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What are your future plans?

Tresor: We are launching our winter collection for rent in early December. We are also aggressively curating wider sizing selection, which we hope to launch in the coming weeks. We also plan to expand our products beyond work and evening wear to include ethnicwear, menswear, stylish maternitywear and children’s occasionwear.

Carolyn: We are working on app development too! We are also looking at developing a marketplace-approach for consignors to deal directly with renters within the TTC platform, and we are looking at expanding within the region as well.

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