So, Hailey Bieber really knows her stuff when it comes to skincare

She’s got her hot-in-demand skincare brand, Rhodes, which everyone was talking about earlier this year. But here’s the cool part: even with her own brand blowing up, she’s totally up for using other brands in her skincare routine. Just check out her Instagram Story; she spills the beans there.

Now, her brand Rhodes is all about nailing that ‘glass skin‘ look. You know, where your pores vanish, and you’re left with this naturally glowy and crazy smooth skin? Sounds just like her vibe.

And can we talk about how everyone’s dying to know the exact stuff celebs with unreal skin use? Hailey Bieber’s right in there too. No doubt, she’s got to be using her own skincare gear, but get this — she recently raved about a product on her Instagram Story that has zero connection to her own brand. It must mean that stuff’s seriously good.

What skincare product does Hailey Bieber use?

Credit: Hailey Bieber’s Instagram Story

Hailey Bieber recently posted a screenshot of one of AVÈNE’s top sellers on her Instagram story. “I love this product forever… AVÈNE Cicalfate on top at night…” is the caption accompanying her story, hinting that she includes AVÈNE’s Cicalfate + Restorative Protective Cream in her nighttime skincare routine.

In a Tiktok video, she delves deeper, saying, “My skin has been a little angry and irritated for the past week due to a few factors.” She mentions stress, travel, lack of sleep, PMS, and experimenting with several new products as potential reasons.

Credit: Tiktok

Where can you buy it?

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Text: Connor Taylor-Parton/Her World

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