At age 93, Queen Elizabeth is an unstoppable force, and she’s continuing to prove as much as she nails engagement after engagement with the flair and ease of someone in their 20s.
But that’s not to say that things would be completely smooth sailing for Her Majesty – there’s no denying she’s faced a fair share of challenges, backlash and shortcomings in her time.
And now, there is renewed speculation that she may well be hanging up the Crown soon and passing her rather important job down to her heir, Prince Charles.

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In a new report, respected royal correspondent Simon Perry discusses the Queen’s potential choice in pulling back from public life when she turns 95 – which is 18 months away.

As a result, many now believe this is a sign the Queen may well step back and let her son take the reigns within the next couple of years.
She may be stepping away from royal duties but she’ll always be the Queen of our hearts and here’s why:
1. She’s A Supportive Grandmother 


To kick off her grandson Prince Harry’s Invictus Games, the Queen gamely participated in a fun video challenging the Obamas to show her support.

Besides being super supportive of her family’s endeavours, the 90 year-old is fiercely protective of them too. As her other grandson, Prince William said in an interview, “Growing up, having this figurehead, having this stability above me has been incredible. I have been able to explore, understand, slightly carve my own path. I greatly appreciate and value that protection.”

Back in 1997 when Princess Diana passed away, the Queen flew her grandsons to Balmoral in Scotland to protect them from the public eye and gave them space to mourn in private.

2. She Loves Animals



If you’re a fan of the Queen, you’d know how much she absolutely loves dogs. Since her childhood days, the Queen owned plenty of different dogs included five corgis, five cocker spaniels and four dorgis (dachshund-corgi crossbreeds).

Despite how she had to get three stitches back in 1989 from a dog bite, the Queen is said to have kept more than 30 dogs since she was young.

Besides dogs, she’s also the rightful owner of many swans in the River Thames.

3. She’s Served in World War ll



In fact, the Queen is the only head of state who can proudly say she’s served during World War ll. Plus, the Queen is the only female member of the British Royal Family to do so! What a badass!

4. She’s Got A Killer Fashion Sense 


Queen Elizabeth's 15 Best Style Moments8

No matter the occasion, you’ll never see the Queen looking less than fab. In a way, her amazing style has set and upheld a standard for other Royal Family members to always look their best and put their best foot forward.

5. She’s A Trained Mechanic 


Here’s another reason why the Queen is a total badass: she can repair, tune and drive military trucks.

In WWll, the Queen joined the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service and learned to fix engines and repair military trucks.

6. She Was The First Monarch To Send Out An Email


Queen Elizabeth's 15 Best Style Moments1

Before any of us had ever heard of Google or fumbled with an iPhone, the Queen was already way ahead of us.

The Queen sent out her email back in 1976 while on an Army base!

7. She’s Spontaneous And All Up For Fun


Queen Elizabeth's 15 Best Style Moments9

Barack Obama might be the most spontaneous figure head around but the Queen shouldn’t be ignored either.

Back in 2012, the Queen appeared alongside James Bond actor Daniel Craig in a short clip to announce the opening of the London Olympic Games. In the clip, the Queen appears to be skydiving down towards the Olympic stadium.

While she may have used a body double in the clip, the fact remains that the queen was more than willing to allow herself to be a part (whether she was there or not) of such fun.

8. She Doesn’t Need A Passport To Travel


Queen Elizabeth's 15 Best Style Moments6

Considering that British passports are all issued in the name of the Queen herself, she doesn’t actually have to possess one.

The best part is, she’s the only one in the Royal Family who doesn’t have one!

9. She’s Survived Espionage Attempts 


Queen Elizabeth's 15 Best Style Moments5

In 1981, when a then 17 year-old Marcus Sarjeant fired six blank shots at the Queen during the Trooping the Colour ceremony, she was unfazed.

The first thing the Queen did after the shots were fired? Calmed her horse down and continued riding.

10. She Can Drive A Land Rover And Change Its Tires


Queen Elizabeth's 15 Best Style Moments2

While she’s usually chauffeured around in public, the Queen usually gets behind the wheel of a Land Rover while moving around her private estates.

In fact, back when King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia came to visit her at her Scottish estate, the Queen happily drove him around. Don’t think that’s badass enough? Consider that Saudi Arabia bans women from driving.

This post was updated on 12 December 2019.