Best Shows To Watch On Disney+, Netflix, And More In Sept 2023

With so many shows to choose from nowadays, at times it can feel almost impossible to settle on something to watch. We often find ourselves endlessly scrolling, caught between rewatching old favourites or simply giving up on the search altogether out of sheer indecision. Luckily, we’re making it easier for you to navigate through the new shows that are coming up this month.

From the highly anticipated series, The Worst of Evil, to the return of Sex Education Season 4, and survival show The Devil’s Plan, here are some shows to watch this September.

The Worst of Evil

Set in the 1990s in Seoul, a former DJ turned gang boss, named Jung Gi Cheul (played by Wi Hajun), seizes control of a notorious gang, introducing a new drug known as “Gangnam Crystal” to the city’s vibrant nightclub scene. The drug’s origins remain shrouded in mystery, prompting the recruitment of a rural police officer into an undercover unit with a critical mission: infiltrate the gang and dismantle it from within. Officer Park Junmo, played by Ji Changwook, finds himself burdened with concealing his covert assignment from everyone, a job made all the more complicated when he discovers that his wife and fellow officer, Yu Euijeong, has independently volunteered for the same mission. To further complicate matters, Euijeong harbours a shadowy past connected to the city’s enigmatic drug lord. As Junmo grapples with the conflict between his duty and his determination to protect his wife, his decisions will keep audiences teetering on the precipice of suspense throughout this riveting tale.

The Worst of Evil will premiere on Disney+ on Sep 27.

NCT 127: The Lost Boys

The boys from NCT 127 gather for an intimate conversation, delving into their formative years spent in diverse cities across the globe. They candidly share their reflections on the journey to international stardom, discussing both the soaring triumphs and unforeseen challenges they’ve encountered along the path to success.

NCT 127: The Lost Boys is now on Disney+ 

Sex Education: Season 4

Following the major cliffhanger from Season 3, the new season of Sex Education continues as Otis and Eric find themselves embarking on a fresh chapter as they step into their first day at Cavendish Sixth Form College. This time, Otis finds himself nervous as he contemplates establishing his new clinic, while Eric is praying they won’t be losers again. Yet, Cavendish Sixth Form College proves to be a cultural revelation for the former Moordale students, challenging their preconceived notions of progressiveness. Daily yoga sessions in a communal garden, a resolute commitment to sustainability, and a student body renowned for their unusual kindness all stand as a testament to the college’s unique atmosphere. Viv, in particular, feels profoundly disoriented by Cavendish’s student-led, non-competitive ethos, while Jackson struggles to move on from his feelings for Cal. Aimee, on the other hand, embarks on a new journey by enrolling in an Art A Level, and Adam confronts the question of whether mainstream education aligns with his aspirations.

Sex Education: Season 4 will premiere on Netflix on Sep 21.

The Devil’s Plan

If you’re a fan of Netflix’s popular Physical:100, then this new show will be right up your alley. Imagine a riveting mind game survival entertainment show where participants, including celebrities, influencers, and recruits, vie for a staggering prize of up to 500 million Korean won. Kicking things off with a twist, contestants would have to go through different challenges to shed their social masks and unveil their genuine selves in games of wit and strategy to be crowned winner and go home with the ultimate prize.

The Devil’s Plan will premiere on Netflix on Sep 26.

Perfect Match

Love dating shows? We highly recommend that you check this show out. Here, individuals handpicked from Netflix’s extensive roster of reality shows like Love Is Blind, The Circle, Too Hot To Handle and more, find themselves in a luxurious villa where they are tasked with the challenging mission of forming ideal pairs, navigating trials, and resisting temptations, all in pursuit of earning the coveted title of the ultimate perfect match. Each participant is required to socialise and find their match before the night ends. The following day, everyone would have to take part in a compatibility challenge, with the victorious pair earning themselves a date and the privilege of controlling the boardroom, where they can decide which new individuals to introduce into the mix.

Perfect Match is now on Netflix.

Spy Kids: Armageddon

When the offspring of the world’s most exceptional secret agents inadvertently assist a formidable game developer in unleashing a computer virus that grants him dominion over all technology, they find themselves thrust into the world of espionage, compelled to transform into spies in a daring bid to rescue their parents and safeguard the fate of the entire world.

Spy Kids: Armageddon will premiere on Netflix on Sep 22.

Is She The Wolf?

This new Japanese reality show follows five men and five women as they embark on a quest for love, embarking on a series of dates and collaborating on a group project. Yet, among the female participants lurk “lying wolves” incapable of experiencing true love. Throughout the season, they must skillfully navigate without revealing their secret or accepting any declarations of affection.

Is She The Wolf is now on Netflix.

Love At First Sight

During their flight from New York to London, Hadley and Oliver find themselves falling deeply in love. However, they become separated at the customs, and the chance of a reunion appears bleak. Yet, destiny often possesses a remarkable ability to alter the odds and rewrite their story.

Love At First Sight will premiere on Netflix on Sep 15.

Something In The Rain

Love proves to be a challenging pursuit for many, especially for a woman in her 30s named Jin A, whose romantic journey has been marked by a string of failed relationships. Jin A, an easygoing individual, dedicates herself to her role as a manager at a prominent coffee franchise. Despite her earnest efforts, her inherent clumsiness and occasional folly often hinder her relationships. This time, the void within her prompts her to explore new avenues for love when her childhood friend’s younger brother, Jun Hee, played by Jung Hae-In, returns after a three-year stint abroad. Jun Hee’s homecoming, however, brings with it a newfound sense of romantic interest in Jin A. As they both grapple with the complexities of their evolving connection, will they muster the courage to defy societal taboos and chase after their shared pursuit of happiness?

Something In The Rain is now on Viu.

The Escape of the Seven

What connects a reclusive mobile platform tycoon, a CEO of a drama production company, a former gang member, an aspiring idol, an OB-GYN doctor, an entertainment executive, and an art teacher at a school? These seven individuals share an unexpected link: their involvement in a gripping investigation surrounding a missing girl. As they strive to evade their destinies and uncover the elusive truth, their journey becomes entangled with a web of secrets, deceit, and unfulfilled desires in this compelling tale of redemption.

The Escape of the Seven will premiere on Viu on Sep 15.

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