Hong Kong celebrity couple Bowie Cheung and Benjamin Yuen are expecting their first baby

HONG KONG – Celebrity couple Bowie Cheung and Benjamin Yuen, who tied the knot in 2020, are expecting their first baby. They broke the news on their individual Instagram accounts on Thursday, sharing a photo of an ultrasound scan.

“Your arrival will bring us such immeasurable joy,” Yuen, 42, wrote in his caption.

Cheung, 31, said: “We are grateful to have reached this stage of life. We are even more grateful to God for giving us precious gifts and injecting us with powerful energy. May the world treat the child well and may the arrival of the baby bring more beauty to the world.”

The couple did not reveal the due date or gender of the baby.

Cheung was a Miss Hong Kong pageant contestant in 2016 before she became an actress, while Yuen won the Mr Hong Kong title in 2007, which kick-started his acting and singing career.

The couple met on travel show All Work No Pay Holidays in 2017 and are now in a new TVB travel show Family Vacation, which introduces various cities in China.

Text: Suzanne Sng/The Straits Times