What Celebs Did Ming Bridges, Kimberly Chia, Ase Wang

With it being the Halloween weekend, celebs and influencers such as Ase Wang and Nellie Lim had their kids all decked out in adorable outfits, from Wonder Woman to Ghost Busters. Others like Kimberly Chia and Xu Bin went on a trip Down Under, wihle Carla D had a short getaway on the island at the newly opened Pullman Singapore Hill Street.

Kimberly Chia and Xu Bin

Noontalk Media artistes Kimberly Chia and Xu Bin are such good buddies, they’ve even gone on a multi-family trip together. Along with these respective spouses and kids, the two celebs took a trip to Melbourne, and hopped onboard the iconic Puffing Billy Railway. From her Instagram Stories, she also made a trip to Phillip Island, which is a 90-minute drive from Melbourne and offers unique wildlife experiences including the famed penguin parade.

Ase Wang

Over the Halloween weekend, Ase Wang’s daughter Kaya went trick-or-treating dressed up as Wonder Woman, accompanied by her friend, who had on Woody’s sheriff-style costume from Toy Story. Together, the duo even braved a (child-friendly) haunted house. Cute!

Nellie Lim

Meanwhile, style influencer Nellie Lim, her husband Zhe Han and their twins Harley and Harper went for a Halloween family fit in matching Ghost Buster outfits, from the jumpsuits right down to the ‘Proton Packs’ with the handheld wands. Even their corgi got in on the theme and was dressed up as what looks like the Slimer ghost from the franchise.

Amanda Chaang

Presenter Amanda Chaang got real about the struggles of motherhood and breastfeeding, sharing how she’d stopped breastfeeding at four months despite initially planning to do it for six months.

“It was a really tough decision to make and I went back and forth for quite some time before finally stopping. In the midst of all that, I was swimming in my own thoughts of mom guilt, what the “right” thing to do was, what Z would miss out on if I had stopped then,” she added.

Ming Bridges

Social media personality and fashion entrepreneur Ming Bridges is set to be a mum! She first shared the news on Instagram with cute photos that showed her baby bump, while she dug into a slice of pizza. “Food baby… or real baby?”, she wrote, adding that she’s six months pregnant.

In a more recent post, the 30-year-old shared an amusingly relatable post about worrying that her small bump would give her pregnancy away. Instead, it was her fuller chest that let the cat out of the bag.

Carla D

Carla D shared about a family staycation at the newly opened Pullman Singapore Hill Street, which centres around vintage rail travel. Bonus: In case you’re thinking of a stay and have a baby in tow, the new mum shared that not only does the hotel provide a baby cot, but also a baby bathtub, too. That gets a thumbs up from us.