Credit: TPG News

Heiress, business mogul and reality TV star (as well as 2000s icon) – Paris Hilton’s been and done all that and now she’s ready to take on a new role: Becoming a mom to a set of twins and more specifically, a boy and a girl.

On an episode of the celebrity-driven LadyGang podcast on PodcastOne last night, the heiress opened up future family plans, and has even decided on the name of her daughter, according to People.

The 39-year-old, who has been dating her tech entrepreneur beau Carter Reum since late 2019, shared,”First one, we’re planning it already, is going to be a boy and girl twin.”

“When you freeze your eggs, you can pick if you get a boy, you get a girl, you get twins,”she added.

As for the names (at least one) of her children? No prizes for guessing that Paris has looked to another a city for inspiration.

“I have baby London, which is the girl, and I’m trying to figure out a name for the boy,” she added. “So if you have any suggestions, I’m asking my friends. I don’t want a theme of cities, but I don’t know — it’s hard to decide. London for sure for the girl; the boy, I’m just still trying to decide on.”

She recently revealed that she had been “inspired” by longtime friend Kim Kardashian to freeze her eggs. “I think every woman should do it because you can really control it and not have that ‘Oh my God, I need to get married,’”she told Sunday Times in August.

Her Youtube Originals documentary, This Is Paris, aired yesterday. Peeling back the layers of her public persona, it offers a look into her rise to fame as well as life outside of the camera. The documentary also touches on mental health, delving into the childhood trauma she received, allegedly when she had attended boarding school.