If you’re hooked on Netflix K-drama Record of Youth, you’re in for a little surprise in today’s episode — because South Korean actor Park Seo-jun will be making a guest appearance.

For those not in the know, Record of Youth is a 16-episode series that features actors Park Bo-gum and Byeon Woo-seok as models on the search for their big break in acting, while actress Park So-dam plays a budding makeup artist. The trio come from various societal backgrounds, and encounter love, trials, and friendship as they experience youth.

Earlier this year, actor Park Bo-gum made a special cameo in Park Seo-jun’s hit drama Itaewon Class. To jog your memory, he played a chef applying for a job.


Aside from the two actors being good pals, Park Bo-gum’s cameo also came about thanks to his relationship with Director Kim Sung-yoon, whom he worked with in Love in the Moonlight.

And now Park Seo-jun’s much-anticipated cameo in Record of Youth is here. Apart from the friendship between the two actors, it’s reported that Park Seo-jun agreed to the cameo because of a good working relationship with the show’s writer, Ha Myeong-hee, having previously appeared in her 2014 drama One Warm Word.

Here’s a spoiler: You’ll catch the two interact at a drama awards ceremony on tonight’s episode.

Episode nine of Record of Youth airs on Netflix today, Oct 5.