Credit: Instagram/Sonija Kwok

Former TVB actress Sonija Kwok is back in her first TV drama in six years and she’s brought her daughter along for the ride.

The 47-year-old took a step back from filming after marrying Chinese martial arts choreographer Zhu Shaojie in 2011 and they have a daughter Kylie, who’s now 10.

In her new Hong Kong fantasy series Inevitable, now showing on Viu, Sonija plays Ms So, the CEO of an agency that works for the God of Death. On the surface, the human deaths appear like accidents, but in truth, the agency staff are behind them as a form of population control.

Kylie makes her showbiz debut in episode two, playing the autistic child of a team leader in the agency.

Sonija Kwok’s daughter Kylie in a screengrab from the Viu drama Inevitable. PHOTO: Screengrab/Viu

According to media reports, director Wong Wai Yin said Kylie was a natural in front of the camera and most of her scenes were completed in one take.

Sonija thanked the director and media on her Instagram page, adding: “As a mother, I only wanted my daughter to understand the responsibility, patience, teamwork and courtesy we need to have in work.

“She’s benefited a lot from this experience and we’re very thankful and grateful.”

Text: KWOK KAR PENG/ AsiaOne