World Of Frozen To Jeju Island Vacay What Celebs Did Yvonne Lim, Melissa Koh

As the year draws to a close soon, many celebs hopped on family trips to various exciting destinations. Yvonne Lim explored the buzzy new World Of Frozen at Hong Kong Disneyland with her fam, Drea Chong recharged at an eco-retreat in Sydney with her secondborn, while Melissa Koh flew to South Korea for a dreamy family holiday.

Back home, Fann Wong’s family of three went behind the scenes at the Singapore Zoo, from prepping meals to training animals. Meanwhile, Sgag’s Xiaoming and Kelly Latimer doled out hilarious relatable parenting content that had us in stitches.

Kelly Latimer

Here’s one that most mums would be able to relate to. Kelly Latimer posted a video to Instagram highlighting the daily struggle of having a million and one things to carry โ€” and that’s before your kid asks you to help with their school bag. Talk about #mumlife.

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee

Fann Wong, Christopher Lee, and their son Zed played zookeepers for the day at the Singapore Zoo. The trio went behind the scenes and took part in prepping meals as well as feeding and training the animals. They also furnished us with cool facts about the various creatures you can encounter at the wildlife park. And both you and your kiddos can take part, too. Sign up for the park’s Zookeeper for a Day experience (kids or junior edition).

Liv Lo

After recently delivering her second child, Florence, and sharing about her traumatic postpartum experience, Liv Lo has taken to Instagram to share her top three tips for new mums: 1)That it’s okay to lean on others and have a support system. 2) To eat right to replenish and recover during postpartum, and 3) For breastfeeding mums to breastfeed as long as possible to aid in the child’s growth and development.

That being said, breastfeeding is a deeply personal choice. For mothers who are unable or choose not to breastfeed, it’s perfectly fine and mums shouldn’t stress over this decision. Successful infant feeding doesn’t all look the same, and the focus should be on what works for both mum and child.

Drea Chong

Drea Chong had one-on-one time with her younger son Elias during a holiday to Sydney (her husband had to work while her helper had visa issues so she could only bring one child), where they stayed at an eco-retreat nestled within Taronga Zoo. Here, visitors can get acquainted with native Australian wildlife while soaking up the views of the Sydney Harbour โ€” perfect for nurturing the kids’ love for animals and the great outdoors. Each stay package also offers an afternoon tour of the sanctuary, complimentary access to Taronga Zoo, and supports Tarongaโ€™s conservation programs in Australia and globally.

Melissa Koh

Meanwhile, Melissa Koh and her family of four hopped on a plane to South Korea, where they have spent a couple of weeks exploring the likes of Seoul, Busan, and Jeju Island. From charming seaside cafes to scenic tea plantations and beautiful nature parks, her pictures are sparking wanderlust in us for sure.

Tay Kewei and Alfred Sim

Tay Kewei and Alfred Sim brought their three sons to experience autumn in Hokkaido, Japan. With the unpredictable weather, Tay Kewei lamented the difficulty in planning the coordinated looks for her three boys and herself, but she pulled it off with the four looking chic in their matching fits. In Kewei’s other posts as well as on Alfred’s Instagram page, the family visited stunning locales that included Daisetsuzan National Park and Asahikawa city.

Yvonne Lim

Hong Kong Disneyland officially opens the doors to its highly anticipated World of Frozen attraction on Nov 20, and Yvonne Lim offered a peek through its gates, from the Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs at Arendelle Forest to the Friendship Fountain. In another Instagram post, Yvonne showed her daughter Alexa living her best Elsa life while shopping Frozen merchandise.

Sgag’s Xiaoming (Adrian Ang)

With his wife Xin Lei on a work trip, it was a few days of solo parenting for Xiaoming. The 36-year-old posted a series of hilarious videos we’re sure mum wouldn’t approve of, from reenacting Tom Cruise’s vault heist scene in Mission Impossible (but with baby Zachary retrieving a can of beer) to washing both the baby and the dishes in the sink.

Then, of course, Mum came home… check out his page to find out what happened next.