Pregnancy Reveals To F1 Dates What Local Celebs Did

With the buzziest event of the year, the F1 Grand Prix, happening over the weekend it’s no wonder local stars flocked down to the stands to catch all the action, including Fann Wong and Christopher Lee. Meanwhile, Rebecca Lim shared joyous news of a baby on the way, Jillian Lim got real about her postpartum recovery, and Yeoh Mongchin hopped on a family cruise trip with her eight-month-old in tow.

Rebecca Lim

The 36-year-old actress has revealed that she’s four and a half months pregnant, and is due in early 2024 before Chinese New Year, which will fall on Feb 10. Which means the couple is expecting a Rabbit baby.

“So excited, nervous, and feeling a rollercoaster of emotions for this new chapter of our lives,” she wrote on her Instagram page. “Thank you for allowing us to share our joy with you. We can’t wait to meet our little precious one.”⁠

The gender of the baby isn’t known yet, but the pair are planning a gender reveal party at their new home, which they are moving into later this month or in October. They tied the knot at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore in November 2022, a year after he proposed.⁠

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee

Many international and local celebs were down at the F1 races this year, and that included local power couple Fann Wong and Christopher Lee. It was date night for mum and pops, who enjoyed date night without their son Zed. In her caption, Fann also commended Christopher’s selfie-taking skills (in her words, like a Gen Z, likely alluding to the trending ‘0.5 selfie’ with a zoomed-out effect).

Yeoh Mongchin aka Mongabong

The lifestyle and beauty influencer uploaded a vlog of a recent cruise trip on board the Royal Caribbean with her family, as well as her eight-month-old son Micah. She shares more about the facilities available (like a baby cot), restaurants they visited, as well as nifty necessities she brought, and why she recommends cruise trips if you’re planning a family trip with a baby in tow.

Jillian Lim

Diastasis recti is a common condition in pregnant and postpartum women. It happens when a person’s abdomen stretches during pregnancy and creates a gap in the abdominal muscles, or what many might refer to as a ‘pooch’. Radio DJ Jillian, who gave birth two months ago, shared about her clinic visit to get it checked (along with her firstborn daughter Lily who was adorably excited to accompany her mum).

She revealed how it was “actually difficult to breathe because of the lack of abdominal support,” adding that she felt like there wasn’t any resistance and had to hold her abdomen in order to take a deep breath. The mum of two also advises mums-to-be to know their options when it comes to treatments and rehab, and to ask their doctor about the possibility of diastasis recti and how to prevent it.

Yvonne Lim

Yvonne Lim celebrated her husband Alex Tien’s birthday with not just a homecooked feast of sumptuous eats like mala chicken and beef oden, but also a two-tiered watermelon cake vibrantly decorated with other fruits. Want to attempt your own watermelon creation? Scroll through her Instagram post to see how she did it.

Tina Yong

It’s always cute listening to toddlers trying to speak and pronounce different words. Australian-born Youtuber Tina Yong, who’s now based in Singapore, documented her 16-month-old’s pronunciation with an adorable video. The little one certainly nailed some words, but some will leave you chuckling, too.