1. The Elderly


Oversized glasses (complete with cord!), cotton balls for hair and a cardigan over a dress and you’re done.

All the better if you’ve got bright colours to channel the vibes of that cheery grandma that everyone loves.

Photo: the Chive on Pinterest

2. A Bag of Jellybeans


Get a pack of water balloons in the party section of the supermarket and fill them up with water. Store in a large transparent trash bag and fit your kid through it.

You probably don’t want to let your child around anything sharp, though.

Photo: Luft Balloons on Pinterest

3. A Starbucks Barista And/Or Drink


Simple: A rolled up cardboard sheet and some scrunched up netting. For the straw, thinly roll up a piece of green paper.

Even simpler, don a green apron and a visor cap on your child and they’re halfway to becoming the cutest barista ever.

Photo: Cube Breaker on Pinterest

4. Sadness From The Movie Inside Out 


Love Disney? 5 other kids are coming dressed as Mickey Mouse.

Sandess, on the other hand, only needs blue face paint, an oversized blue sweater and a pair of black-framed glasses.

5. An Egyptian Princess


Kingship was essentially a male activity in Ancient Egypt, but royal women were powerful too.

Fancy cloth along with a long white dress should do the trick; otherwise, it’s a common costume in costume stores as well.

Photo: Lue Howard on Pinterest

6. On A Jetpack 


This costume will definitely blow up your halloween party.

Cut a hole through a bag pack to fit your child’s hips, allowing their real legs to act as the flame plume. Then, use a pair of jeans to create a pair of flailing limbs. Genius!

Photo: Costume Works on Pinterest


7. A Burrito


Simply use a beige-coloured cloth to create the burrito wrap and coloured cloth to create the illusion of ingredients peeking out, and wrap your baby as you normally would.

Plus, some aluminum foil!

Photo: Daily Mirror on Pinterest

8.  Funky Hair


A soft drink spilling out of a bottle, a doughnut on a plate, let your hair down!

Photo: 9Gag On Pinterest


9. An Octopus 


Put on some socks, and then six more. Plus, google eyes for bonus points.

10. A Garden Gnome


DIY some cute lace or frilly detail on a vintage pinafore dress and plop a hat on!

It’s incredibly simple – if only you’d gnome before.

Text: Pinky Chng/The Finder