Electing a president is undoubtedly serious business. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t plenty of goofy and awkward moments along the way for the Republican candidate and now President-elect,  Donald J. Trump. Here are some of his funniest from the US Elections campaign trail in 2016:

1. Trump VS The Bald Eagle

Donald Trump wanted to make America great again but America’s symbol of freedom, the bald eagle, was having none of it when Trump paid him a visit here.

2. Trump Peeking At Melania’s Ballot

While placing his ballot on Election Day, Donald Trump took a quick glance over at his wife’s ticket — just to make sure?

3. Trump Upstaged By Two Guys And A Potato Chip

There are plenty of times when candidates get overshadowed by regular folks sitting behind them during rally speeches but these two guys and a nacho were one of the best.

4. Sad Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ended his hopes of becoming a candidate himself and decided to endorse Trump instead leading to endless jokes about him looking sad while his rival gave his Super Tuesday victory speech.

5. Donald Trump Interviews “Donald Trump”

Dropping by The Tonight Show, the Donald lightened up a bit and let Jimmy Fallon make fun of him in this short skit but didn’t look particularly impressed with his host’s antics.

6. President Obama Burns Trump

In hindsight, President Obama was wrong because Trump will take office in January but this burn was funny nonetheless when it aired.

7. Trump Appearing To Hover Behind Hillary Clinton During The 2nd Debate

During the second presidential debate, Donald creepily hovered behind his rival causing the Internet to go wild with warnings for Hillary.

8. Trump Gets His Hair Messed Up

During his visit to Jimmy Fallon, Trump also allowed the comedian to mess up his hair in a lighthearted moment between the pair.

9. “Bad Hombres”

Netizens also found Donald Trump’s attempt to say bad guys in the Spanish language funny and took to social media once more to poke fun at him.

10. Donald Trump’s Cake-Face

Ahead of Trump’s stunning upset in the 2016 US Elections, a cake in his likeness was sent to Trump Tower to congratulate him but it was quickly whisked away by security.

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