We can’t get over how in love Song-Song couple look now that they’ve announced their intention to marry. But we’ve always known they were meant to be when they first appeared on our screens in KBS’s Descendants Of The Sun. And these 10 love scenes by Song Joong Gi and Song Hye Kyo on the show prove that they were truly, madly, deeply in love while filming the popular drama:

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1. When Song Hye Kyo wanted Song Joong Gi to kiss her.

2. That time Song Hye Kyo got jealous and Song Joong Gi reassured her with a kiss.

3. When Song Joong Gi was so happy that Song Hye Kyo decided to stay.

4. And she returned his happiness!

5. That moment when she surprised him with her honest feelings.

6. Their famous first kiss! *swoon*

7. That time when Song Hye Kyo’s love confession was put on broadcast and he absolutely loved it!

8. When Song Joong Gi romantically tied her hair.

9. And was impressed by his handiwork.