10 Lessons To Learn From Joseph Schooling’s Parents

Singapore’s wunderkind swimmer, Joseph Schooling, wasn’t always on the fast track to glory. He was groomed, trained and encouraged to go for gold by those closest to him – his parents, Colin and May Schooling.

The story goes that the Schooling’s only wanted their child to learn how to tread water when he was two to three years old. Little did they know that less than two decades later, he would bring home Singapore’s first ever Olympic gold medal. The road to Rio was no easy feat but Colin and May were steadfast in their belief of Joseph and allowed him to keep pursuing his dreams.

Besides sacrificing family time to hone their son’s swimming skills, the Schooling’s have also reportedly spent some $1 million of their own money on Joseph’s swimming career. This is something to admire in a society where academic excellence is often put above sporting achievement. So in honour of that, we look at the other parenting tips you can emulate from this now iconic couple: