bride making a toast
No one expects an Oscar-winning performance and really the pressure is what you put on yourself – so relax.
  1. Be Well-Prepared…
    And well-rehearsed ahead of the wedding. If you are, you’ll be fine.
  2. Eat Something
    A little snack before the start of the wedding will calm a queasy tummy and settle those fluttering butterflies.
  3. Don’t Drink
    One drink may be fine to take the edge off the panic, but any more is courting danger. You should be confidant – not over confidant. Being a bit tipsy puts you in danger of both rambling and adding little tidbits that’s best left unmentioned.
  4. It’s Okay To Feel Nervous
    A little adrenaline rush isn’t such a bad thing – It has helped many people put in a great performance.
  5. Don’t Forget To Look Up
    And don’t read your speech word for work like some droning school teacher.
  6. Smile
    Don’t forget to breathe and remember it’s a party!
  7. Make Eye Contact
    Pick a few people you’re most familiar with in the audience.
  8. Speak Slowly
    And pause often.
  9. A Good Toast Is Just Two Or Three Minutes Long
    Introduce yourself and your connection to the couple, a few personal words, a funny anecdote or pertinent quotation and conclude with a request to the other guests to join you by raising their glasses and drinking to the health and happiness of the newly married couple.
  10. Avoid Embarrassing Others
    Especially the bride and groom. Toasts should be humourous and heartfelt, never mean-spirited.

Text: The Australian’s Women Weekly, Bauer Syndication/Additional Reporting: Sylvia Ong
Photo: 123RF