10 Ways To Protect Your Child Against Internet Dangers

With our children using the Internet from a very young age, it’s important that we keep them safe online. They may be more tech savvy than we ever were at their age, but they may not understand the dangers of revealing too much information on the Net, which exposes them to online identity thefts, hackings and snooping.

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Most recently, a disturbing “suicide game” called the Momo Challenge set the Internet abuzz. The game reportedly works by daring young children to perform a series of increasingly dangerous challenges that end in suicide. However, it was soon classified as a hoax, as authorities have not received any actual reports of deaths arising from the challenge. With that said, the many insidious dangers lurking on the Internet are very much real and present. 

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Do you know these Internet dangers?

Recent findings by McAfee points to another danger: Malware that could be hidden in celeb-focused content. Think about it… it would be hard pressed to find a child these days that hasn’t heard of the Ant-Man, Wolverine, Black Widow, and Doctor Strange. However, besides being larger-than-life superheroes on the silver screen, the four have another thing in common – their real life personas Paul Rudd, Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson, and Benedict Cumberbatch, are all on McAfee’s Most Dangerous Celebrities list for Singapore.

In today’s mobile-first and celebrity-obsessed culture, young fans – in all likelihood digital natives comfortable with technology – are seeking real time information on their favourite stars or the latest happenings in the celebrity sphere. Cybercriminals know this, and are likely to seek ways to capitalise on this obsession with pop culture for illicit gains.

Instead of waiting for a cyber “attack” to happen to your child (and your personal computer), step in now to set some rules and teach them about Internet privacy and safety with these tips: