50 Fun And Cheap Date Ideas Below $20 To Strengthen Your Relationship This Month

Your job is wearing you down, children take up lot of your time, and there’s only that much time for household chores… if all this means that you and your spouse are unable to give each other undivided attention even for a few select moments a day, then it may be time to schedule in date nights (or days, as the case may be).

“Date night means spending time and giving undivided attention to each other, regardless of what time of the day it is,” according to Enneagram Relationship Coach, Cindy Leong of Relationship Studio. This encompasses even small gestures such as kissing each other goodnight and greeting each other with a kiss in the morning – “falling asleep together as a couple has been a top habit that has ensured the success of many marriages,” says Cindy.


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“Married couples should always have date nights because it will be even harder to do so when the kids come along. If there was no habit of having date nights when there were no kids, it will be even harder to build such a habit when the kids have arrived,” says Cindy.

“When a couple sets up such a habit of having date nights, they are actually telling their partner that they are a priority to them and it’s great that couples can once again rediscover why they love each other in the first place, without the distractions of work and family responsibilities. “

And the best part is that these don’t have to be elaborate or necessarily break the bank – keep the expensive diamonds and chartered flights for more once in a lifetime events, if you must.

Keep things fun and fresh during your dates with these date ideas. The best part? They’re all below $20 or totally free.

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