It’s time for some monkey business, even as your kids hone their motor skills while scaling the Wallholla. (Photo: cheekiemonkies)

1. Get Vertical

Climb, hang, swing, slide, run and jump around this vertical playground with your kids called a Wallholla. Encased in a three-storey high metal grid cage, the Wallholla is made up of undulating ribbon-like layers. Suitable for children aged five to 12, kids can walk on the wavy layers at some points, or scale them at others. As they navigate their way through the cage, some surfaces change to become rope mesh or simply gaps. Parents on the lean side can join in the fun too.

At Cambridge Estate, Bishan Junction 8 level 3, block 158 Bishan Street 13, Jalan Mengkudu and Ang Mo Kio Ave 2.

Designed for kids aged between six and 12 years old, The Battleship Playground is a test of agility and is truckloads of fun. (Photo: cheekiemonkies)

2. Man Your Battle Stations

The Battleship Playground is predominantly made of wood and comes complete with gun turrets, smoke stacks, propellers and even a rudder. To scale onboard, there are three entry points. The first is by climbing up a rock wall, the second is via a rope ladder and the third is through an escape hatch at the side of the ship. Designed for children between six and 12 years old, younger children may find it a bit more difficult (and intimidating) to scale the rope ladders to go up onto the decks. Once up, expect more crawling and climbing to get to the slides. The front part of the Battleship is a hollow structure with tilting platforms for kids to demonstrate their agility.

At Sembawang Park, located at the end of  Sembawang Road.

Relax over a fun session of identifying adorable farm animals at Farmart Centre. (Photo: cheekiemonkies)

3. Visit Farm Animals For Free

Visit Farmart Centre at 67 Sungei Tengah Road, on weekends, and get up close with farm animals such as goats, bull frogs, tortoises, rabbits, birds, fish and hamsters at the Weekend Animal Farm Corner. Farmart Centre houses a collection of shops, a farmers’ market, petting zoo and food outlets serving local fare. On weekends, the animals are all free to visit but if your kids wish to feed the farm animals as well as the koi in the Koi Pond, food is available for purchase at $5 per bundle of animal feed. Visit

Take your kid down memory lane as you explain all the childhood toys you loved so much – including the tikam-tikam. (Photo: cheekiemonkies)

4. Revisit The Past

Reminisce your childhood days with junior at Children Little Museum, a quaint gallery located at 42 Bussorah Street. There’s an interactive barber shop display, a mock-up of an old-school classroom, and a vintage mamak shop outside the museum selling tikam-tikam stuff from yesteryear. Plus, toys you’ll want to play together with your kids.

Open every day from 11 am to 9 pm.