1. Get Them To Eat Hydrating Fruits

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Fruits like watermelon, cantaloupes and peaches contain plenty of water than can help your kids stay hydrated. The best part is? They’ve also got plenty of vitamins and minerals for a nutritious snack.

2. Flavoured Water

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Infuse some sparkling or still water with delicious fruits like strawberry, pineapples and lemon for a refreshing drink your little ones can surely get behind.

Alternatively, add a little bit of honey for that tinge of sweetness. Here are some flavoured water recipes you can try out.

3. Turn Flavoured Water in Popsicles

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If your kids still aren’t jumping on the water-drinking bandwagon, one up the flavoured water trick by turning them into popsicles.

Add plenty of fruits and a little honey so there’s some sweetness.

4. Set Up A Reward System and Make It Realistic

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Invent a fun game that you and your little one can play to get them to drink more water.

Instead of telling them they have to drink a litre or two of water every day, divide the water into smaller sippy cups or bottles and let them know that the more bottles they drink, the closer they are to getting a reward.

5. Lead By Example

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If you’re trying to get your kids to drink more water, be sure to lead by example. Make sure your kids know that you love drinking water too and make it a point to drink water with them to encourage them.