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Diana Ser and Jamie Teo
While Fly Entertainment Artiste Jaime Teo (above right) is best known for her work as an actress and television personality, she’s also a mother of one, juggles an independent business and was a Miss Singapore Universe back in 2001.

Diana Ser (above left), host and founder of online portal Mad About Chinese, is also no stranger to multitasking. Apart from producing interactive and interesting content for her site, the former news presenter and actress is also constantly on her toes keeping up with her three children.

How do these superwomen stay on top of their game while looking impeccable? We find out the 5 languages of de-stressing from the ladies themselves – and the one thing they have in common.

1. Exercise your need to exercise
Health is a wealth of recreational activities

Woman Running
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Jaime Teo: “Just 12 minutes a day is enough to get a good sweat going, and it gives me that little extra mental happiness to last a whole day. When I meet up with friends, we do other activities such as running, climbing, squash, badminton, wakeboard…anything is considered exercise!”

Diana Ser: “During Chinese New Year, our extended family has a Sports Day for all the small children. They compete at the track and field, followed by prize presentation. Everyone always turns up because it is hilarious!”

2. Add culture to your habits
Or cuddle it out

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Diana Ser: “I de-stress by reading a news article or reading to my kids (usually Chinese books because otherwise they are not motivated), ironing, cooking and looking at my family photos (James and I will never tire of this!).”

Jaime Teo: “Recently, I picked up painting at an art café and occasionally I’ll draw random stuff at home. It’s honestly very therapeutic to blend colors and create something. When I really need a good break, you’ll find me lying in bed or in my massage chair.
“Of course, hugging Renee or my cat ultimately de-stress me, one should never underestimate a hug.”

3. Strike a balance in life
Whether in your diet or expectations.

(Photo: Pixabay)

Jaime Teo: “I think finding mutual activities is the best way for friends and family to relax together. Whether it’s over a meal (easiest because everybody needs to eat right?), or activities that everybody enjoys whether mental or physical!”

Diana Ser: “I find that having family traditions really helps, and these should be in place when the kids are young. So for example,Sunday morning is our family time when we go to church, lunch and then grandparents.”

4. Find joy in family fun
Parental guidance, literally.


Jaime Teo: “I share my love for music with my daughter Renee, on some days she will sing with me or we will learn new pieces on the piano, guitar or drums together.

Diana Ser: “I believe children are the most energetic in the morning so I make it a rule to complete their homework before doing anything else. I raise my kids like I was raised. I’d nag at Christy and Jaymee the way my teachers used to, like, ‘Girls, sit with your legs shut tight. I can see the colour of your underwear!’”

5. Retreat to your comfort zones
When the universe sends you a massage


Diana Ser: “I enjoy taking hot showers, having a cup of espresso, window shopping online, and massages. Because my schedule can be unpredictable, I wish I can have a hard massage whenever I can find pockets of time!”

Jaime Teo: “things I enjoy include exercising at home, reading, painting, playing the guitar or piano, listening to music, surfing, hugging my daughter or cat, and relaxing in my massage chair while basking in aromatic scents (I love lemongrass and lavender!) wafting in the air.

“I wasn’t a fan of massages when I was younger because I wasn’t comfortable with a stranger touching me…. but that changed in recent years because massage chairs of late feels like a masseur without the stranger discomfort. I had a massage chair in my home for the last two years and I’m happy to share my personal masseuse with friends because friends share good things right?”

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