5 Languages Of De-stressing

uLove how leading ladies Jaime Teo and Diana Ser find work-life balance

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Diana Ser and Jamie Teo
While Fly Entertainment Artiste Jaime Teo (above right) is best known for her work as an actress and television personality, she’s also a mother of one, juggles an independent business and was a Miss Singapore Universe back in 2001.

Diana Ser (above left), host and founder of online portal Mad About Chinese, is also no stranger to multitasking. Apart from producing interactive and interesting content for her site, the former news presenter and actress is also constantly on her toes keeping up with her three children.

How do these superwomen stay on top of their game while looking impeccable? We find out the 5 languages of de-stressing from the ladies themselves – and the one thing they have in common.