pink piggy bank with money scattered around
A few minutes a day is all it takes to work magic with your finances.

#1 Check Your Bills
Keep a close eye on your credit records. Most times we get slapped with late fees and additional interest fees and annual card fees, and we unknowingly pay them! Banks are paid a small fee for every transaction you make, so there’s no reason to pay more than we owe.

#2 Start a Rainy Day Fund
Wise men say we should “pay ourselves” 10 per cent of our salary every month. Don’t get waylaid by a busy life, spending splurge or just plain forgetfulness. Set up a GIRO transfer from the account where your salary is deposited so the money is automatically transferred at the start or end of every month.

#3 Spend and Earn
If you need a credit card, make sure it’s one that earns you cashback every time you buy. Check out the card options at and use your card for all your purchases and max up the cashback. Then remember to set up a GIRO debit to repay it in full each month so you never pay interest or late fee!

#4 Be a Control Freak
Installing a budgeting app on your phone is a smart move. It’s a spending diary that tracks how much you spend and save by category. It even lets you enter a spending limit. We like Account Tracker and MoneySmart apps.

#5 Danger Alert
Sign up for a mobile alert service from your bank to warn you if your funds go under a certain limit.

Photo: Pixabay