5 Money-Savvy Things To Do With Your Pay Raise Or Bonus This Year

Consider putting your extra cash this year to good use with these smart money tips

5. Upgrade your skills


5 Smart Things To Do With Your Pay Raise Or Bonus This Year 4

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With the Skills Future programme in place, you already get S$500 to buy training courses. Don’t settle for your current raise – aim to get another one. Combine your new income with the government freebie, and get certified in the right skills.

Remember to check with your employer first though. You don’t want to waste money on a course that isn’t relevant to your career, or that will have a minimal impact on your job prospect. Ask your boss what skills the company most values or needs. You should also consider building soft skills, such as leadership or expression skills, which are often needed in higher management.


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Text: Ryan Ong / Additional Reporting: Elizabeth Liew

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