17 clever travel hacks to save you money

With the June holidays just around the corner, you’re probably knee deep in excitement over your upcoming holiday but don’t forget these packing tips before you go!

  1. shoes-698533_1280sizedPack Less Shoes

According to Conde Nast Traveler, tourists tend to get too enthusiastic about shoes when packing.

So instead of packing five shoes for five different days, how about think about where you’ll be going and what you’ll be doing. Wear your sneakers or flats on the flight, pack a dressy pair of flats and a pair of slippers for when you decide to hit the beach.


2. Get A USB Plug Extender 

Instead of carrying multiple plugs, why not invest in a USB plug extender? They let you charge multiple devices at once and all you need is a cable and a travel adapter.

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3. Pack Beauty Products for Multiple Use

Instead of packing blusher, lipstick and highlighter, opt for an all in one multipurpose product like cushion blushers that can double up as both a blush and lip tint.

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4. Do Your Laundry At Your Destination

Some hotels provide free laundry service for the first item or outfit while some provide Laundry lines for you to hang wet clothes.

While at your destination, be sure to do your laundry there. You can easily pack a small bottle of detergent and it’ll save space on clothes.

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5. Don’t Bother Packing Hair Curlers or Straighteners

These items can easily add a lot of weight to your baggage. Instead, do what Korean celebs do when they’re trying to get soft beach waves, braid it!

Your hotel would also most likely have a hair dryer so if you’re trying to get straight hair, blow it out against a brush. So easy!