1. It’s Relatively Safe

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One of the biggest concerns with contactless payment is whether or not it’s safe especially when your phone gets stolen or lost. Rest assured though, both Apple Pay and Samsung Pay require some sort of authentication for each transaction be it via fingerprint or passcode.

Android Pay on the other hand will require an authentication after the third consecutive payment. The good thing is though, each payment is limited at $100 for contactless transactions.

(Photo: Trevor Tan/Straits Times)

2. You Can Add Multiple Cards At Once 

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With several banks including DBS, OCBC, American Express and Standard Chartered on board for contactless payments, you can now add several cards for use. For Apple Pay, the limit is eight cards while Samsung Pay supports 10. Android Pay has an unlimited amount of cards supported.

3. You Carry Less

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With several cards supported, you can now carry less with you when you head out!

4. There Are Rewards

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Currently, only Android Pay has a reward programme. Google has mentioned at NTUC Plus’s Link! Card will be supported by Android Pay so shoppers can earn rewards whenever they shop.

5. It’s Easier and Faster

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You no longer have to fumble with cash, key in your pincode or sign a receipt!