1. You’re Living Pay Cheque to Pay Cheque

5 Smart Things To Do With Your Pay Raise Or Bonus This Year 4

If you’ve used up all your money just before you next pay cheque arrives, it’s a clear sign that you need to do some budgeting on your expenses.

Been eating out a lot? Head back home instead for dinner and bring leftover food for lunch to work the next day. A little goes a long way in saving money.

2. You Rely Heavily On Credit

Simple Rules To Avoid Credit Card Debt_Mastercard

While a credit card is convenient for when you’re trying to purchase certain items and earn rewards, it can also be really easy to fall into the vicious cycle of overspending.

3. You’ve Used Up Your Savings

Save Money Tips Windfalls

Using up your savings can be a scary thing, especially when something unexpected happens. Experts suggest that saving up to three months worth of pay should an emergency happen is a good way to ensure you’ll stay afloat should emergency strike.

4. You Lie About Your Spending Habits 

11 shopping mistakes to avoid this GSS pixa

If you have to lie to your other half about the cost of that new bag or attempt to hide the credit card bills, it’s definitely time for you to review your financial expenses.

If you feel like you’ve got a spending problem, make sure you make it clear to your other half and let them know that you need help.

5. You’re Betting Your Hopes on Gambling Wins 

5 Money Lessons Nobody Tells You About When You Get A Pay Raise

Gambling once in a while is fine but when you’re doing so just to make ends meet and hoping that your wins can help you pay your way to financial freedom, it’s about time to think of other ways to settle your financial problems.