1. Try To Turn On Your Device Immediately

iphone-410324_1280sizedWater and electricity never go hand in hand so when you turn on your phone immediately, you risk short circuiting.

2. Not Removing The Phone’s Battery

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Your phone would most likely be on when you’ve dropped it in water so be sure to remove the battery immediately because your phone would most likely try to restart itself on its own.

3. Soak Your Phone In Rice Immediately 

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While we don’t doubt the drying properties that rice has on your phone, it’s also got a lot of ‘dust’ particles that could potentially lodge itself in the tiny crevices of your phone.

Be sure to dry your phone properly first and use silica gel to dry the insides out because you soak your phone in rice overnight.

4. Use A Hair Dryer To Dry Your Phone 

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The heat from the hair dryer might push water particles even deeper into your phone’s tiny crevices.

5. Connect it To A Power Supply 


Even if your phone seems dry on the surface, it’s a bad idea to try to jump start it with a charge.