5 Things You Probably Never Knew Affected Your Sex Drive

There are many things that can affect your desire. The good news is that most issues that lead to us not wanting sex can be overcome.

You’re depressed, menopausal, maybe hormonal, or perhaps your relationship has hit a rocky patch. There are so many reasons a woman’s libido can disappear – and most experts would agree that a woman’s sex drive is far more complex to fix than a man’s.
“Our research on women with libido issues found a persistent theme – that it was badly impacting their life,” says Professor Susan  Davis, endocrinologist and women’s health researcher at Monash University. “They were worried their lack of interest would destroy their marriage. They didn’t feel like the same person anymore. They wanted treatment and somebody to fix it.”
While it might take some investigation,  but with the right help, you can improve your desire dramatically – and have a happier and more satisfying relationship to boot. Here, our experts reveal some fascinating facts on libido, and hopefully provide you with a few solutions, too.