Photo: Pixabay

1. Come up with potential styles

Before looking for THE wedding photographer, look for the style or idea that you want your photos shot. Look for examples online to how you would like to be photograph. Consider factors like lighting, location and variation of shots. Having your own idea before speaking to the photographer is important as it could help give him or her a clear idea of what you want. If you’re indecisive and not exactly sure to what you want, it could open up to misunderstandings after the job has already been done.

2. Read reviews

Even when selecting wedding packages, do your research on the photographer that is affiliated to the package. This will help you to look at the photographer’s portfolio but also how his or her previous clients have felt about their photographs. It could look like a nice photograph to you, but perhaps it wasn’t what the client wanted which means the photographer wasn’t listening to what his clients.

3. Have several meet-ups

He or she could be a highly respectable person in their field but the worst thing is when you can’t get along with your wedding photographer. Meeting up a few times will help to clearly translate what it is you want and also building rapport with the person that will be documenting the most important day of your life.

4. Confirm who will be your photographer

This applies to wedding packages whereby the photo studio has many photographers. You could have a clear viewing of the portfolio of the studio but not the person who will be coming down to photograph you on your big day. The result, will most probably not be what you saw in the portfolio.

5. Try to get test shots done before committing

If it means paying a little more to affirm your decision or any underlying doubts, it will be money well spent in preventing yourself from choosing the wrong photographer for your wedding.