5 Ways To Keep Kids Safe At The Zoo_1When news broke that a gorilla at the Cincinnati Gorilla World had to be fatally shot after a little boy had mysteriously entered its enclosure, issues of safety were brought up.

Here are five things you need to know about zoo safety and how you can keep your kids safe:

  1. Never Taunt The Animals 

Just because animals don’t understand verbal commands, it doesn’t mean they can’t read body language. Animals know when you’re taunting them.

Actions like beating your chest in front of gorilla exhibit or growling at other animals could translates at threats to them as proven in this clip above.

2. Never Leave Kids Alone

5 Ways To Keep Kids Safe At The Zoo_3No matter how hard the glasses are at zoo enclosures, they’re still able to break.

3. Don’t Let Kids Walk Into Open Exhibitions Alone

5 Ways To Keep Kids Safe At The Zoo_1Some zoos have open concept exhibitions that let animals with mild temperaments roam freely it’s never 100 percent safe. Kids could taunt animals thinking that it’s okay and these animals, when threatened won’t hold back when it comes to attacking them.

4. Never Let Kids Sit Or Climb On Railings 

5 Ways To Keep Kids Safe At The Zoo_5

All it takes is one wrong move for your child to fall into an enclosure.

5. Teach Your Kids How To Respect Animals

5 Ways To Keep Kids Safe At The Zoo_6

From understanding why they shouldn’t be knocking on the glass panel to not taunting the animal, it’s good to teach kids to respect the animals in the enclosures.