1. Have Something Fun for Guests To Do 

5 Ways To Throw A Baby Shower Like A Celeb_Alyssa Milano

For her baby shower, Alyssa Milano gave her guests activities they could do and take home. She got everyone to decorate a onesie each and gave them tools to create a flower crown.

Photo: Alyssa Milano on Instagram

2. Give Guests Something Useful They Can Remember The Shower By

5 Ways To Throw A Baby Shower Like A Celeb_Blake Lively

Blake Lively gave her guests European-inspired wooden toys as a memento for her guests. These days, there are plenty of photo booth agents that will set up a photobooth with unlimited printouts and props for your guests to enjoy. That way, they can take home a memory of you and the event too.

Photo: Blake Lively’s Preserve

3. Include Something Unexpected

5 Ways To Throw A Baby Shower Like A Celeb_Chrissy Teigen

Despite how classy her baby shower in California was (caterers, kale salads and mimosas), Chrissy Teigen still included an element that was essentially her. She included hashbrowns and sausage mcmuffin burgers from McDonald’s into her food menu. So, no matter what the theme of your event is, remember that it’s your baby shower and you’re allowed to shine too.

Photos: Jen Atkin on Snapchat

4. Have A Fun Theme

5 Ways To Throw A Baby Shower Like A Celeb_Kim Kardashian

Instead of going all glamourous with her baby shower, Kim Kardashian decided to to do a camp-themed type when she was pregnant with baby Saint West. Her sisters were all in attendance and everyone was made to show up in pyjamas and were served hot chocolate, s’mores and other camping-style food.

Photo: Kim Kardashian on Instagram

5. Don’t Feel Pressured To Make It Big

5 Ways To Throw A Baby Shower Like A Celeb_Hilary Duff

Plenty of celebs enjoy an intimate affair when it comes to throwing their baby showers. Hilary Duff, Drew Barrymore and Emily Blunt had theirs in the comfort of their own homes.

Photo: Hilary Duff on Instagram