1. Travel in Groups

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The concept of buying in bulk is not a new one, but it’s still incredibly appropriate. Travelling in a large group might be inconvenient (there’s always that one person who won’t answer WhatsApp group texts, and the other friend whose schedule is too crazy to work around), but the splitting of costs means that each of you will have more to spend on shopping and other unique experiences.

2. Stay At A Luxury Hotel In A Group 

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Whether you’ve decided to go ahead to travel in a group or not, if you’ve decided to book a hotel, then this might be of relevance for you. (This is especially so if you’re travelling during off-peak months.) It doesn’t matter what hotel you’re in, if there are empty suites, those rooms will go to waste, and managers know that. So try your luck and ask for an upgrade if you notice the hotel looking a little quiet.

Of course, be willing to compromise: Sometimes, offering to pay a small surcharge might incentivise the hotel to offer you that top-floor suite. They gain a profit, and so do you. Win-win!

3. Go for Free Walking Tours

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Don’t worry, we understand how vital shopping is to a holiday. There are just some destinations you can’t visit without a corresponding Instagram post dedicated to your #loot. However, beyond the shopping (and food), there’s a lot of culture and history to be explored and sometimes, it makes sense to sign up for a reputable tour group, where food, transportation and, of course, professional guidance, will come together with the package.

However, if this isn’t an area that you’re willing to fork out extra cash on, you’ll be happy to know that many cities offer free walking tours, which offer exactly what the name suggests: Free tours with trained guides who will walk you through key historical and cultural attractions in the area. Not only will you get in a good workout (leaner legs, anyone?), you’ll have access to local information and pretty sites that you might have otherwise missed out on. Of course, since they function on a tips basis, be sure to shell out some dollars at the end – a small price to pay, really.

4. Tap on Free WiFi

Portable Wifi_Family Holiday

WiFi is such an important part of our lives that most accommodation options now offer it without question, so you know that you’ll be connected at the start and end of each day. In between, however, there are better options than spending your money to remain on the grid. Yes, resist the temptation to buy a prepaid card that you won’t need once the trip comes to an end.

If, however, the Internet’s call is one you simply can’t resist, then consider investing in a ChatSim. Never heard of it? Simple: It’s a SIM card that allows you to connect via WhatsApp (and various other messaging apps) throughout the world. This means that no matter where you choose to embark on for your next holiday, that very same ChatSim will keep you connected to friends and family. Ah, the wonders of #technology, am I right?

5. Pick A Destination Based On The Money Strength

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The Singapore dollar, that is. The reason why Malaysia continues to be a hot holiday spot (and Thailand, but that goes without saying) is because of currency: The Singapore dollar is stronger than the Ringgit, even with the fluctuation, which means shopping and food will be cheaper there. That means greater purchasing power or, simply put, more money to blow on some incredible experiences!

6. Prep, prep, prep 

Save Money Tips Plan Priorities

he best way to act like a local would be to prepare beforehand. So whether it’s finding out which countries have a weaker currency relative to yours; or earmarking the cafes that look enticing, it never hurts to be fully prepared. The benefit of doing some legitimate research is that you might discover which months offer the cheapest travel options for the country of your desire – even if the exchange rate might not be in your favour.

As for the tourist traps, well, it goes without saying: What you save there can be spent on a far more exciting (and luxurious) experience!

Sometimes however, the best way to navigate through Rome would be by a Roman himself. Vayable offers just that – you get to choose the experience you want, in the city of your choice, and for a small fee, a local will be happy to take you through these places.

Text: Emily Joosten/HerWorldPlus

Additional Reporting: Atika Lim