7 Apps for Busy Mums - ActiveSG

#1 Active SG

If you’re an active mum, Active SG is the perfect companion which allows you to book sports facilities and classes with a touch of a button. Now you can plan monthly badminton tournaments with the family easily.

Apps Busy Mums Use _ Kiddet

#2 Kiddet

Struggling to find activities to keep the little ones entertained? Kiddet connects users to various educational centres in Singapore which offer workshops and courses spanning music, arts, science and languages. It’s open for beta testing right now, but you can expect the official launch before June to keep your kids occupied during the school holidays.

7 Apps for Busy Mums - Vaniday 2

7 Apps for Busy Mums - Vaniday 1

#3 Vaniday

Whether you’re looking for facial services or a massage to wind down, Vaniday allows you to search and book appointments to pamper yourself to the fullest. Choose from a wide variety of salons based on your location, so you can slot in a manicure while waiting for your child to finish his or her piano lessons.

7 Apps for Busy Mums - GuavaPass1

#4 Guava Pass

It can be hard to decide on an exercise regimen when you’re starting out, but GuavaPass is like an exercise buffet which allows you to try out different classes without having to commit to a package. For a monthly fee of $149, users can have access to various fitness classes like yoga, spinning, dance and boxing.

7 Apps for Busy Mums - Redmart 1

#5 Red Mart

No more struggling with heavy bags of groceries. Red Mart is a lifesaver when it comes to grocery shopping because you can do it anywhere. Select from 25,000 different products, and have them delivered to your home without so much as lifting a finger.

7 Apps for Busy Mums - Chope 1

#6 Chope

Planning a romantic dinner to celebrate your anniversary or just looking to grab some grub with the whole family. Chope allows you to make restaurant reservations at over 800 locations regionally. Search by the type of cuisine or based on your location, without the need to speak to anyone.

7 Apps for Busy Mums - Pocket Malls 1

#7 Pocket Malls Singapore

Busy moms have to be very efficient when it comes to shopping, whizzing in and out of malls getting what they need. Pocket Malls Singapore allows mothers to locate shops quickly in 79 shopping malls with a search function and built-in map so no time is wasted trying to look for a physical directory.