8 Ways To Tame Your Child’s Public Tantrums

If you've been at the mercy of your child’s embarrassing tantrums in public, mothers Jasmine Han and Shelly Holly perfectly understand what it’s like. In their new book 'I'm Not Perfect. I’m A Mom' they take a funny and reassuring look at how to be a great mother, even if you’re not perfect (and that’s most of us, right?).

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Time-outs offer parent and child some quiet moments to calm down. (Photo: Pixabay)

1. Is “time-out” or the “naughty stool” a good way to help my child reflect, so they learn from a mistake?

Jasmine: Honestly, I’m not sure. Time-outs work best on very young kids, like toddlers, as they do not like being away from their parents. Can a kid that young ‘reflect’ on bad behaviour during a time-out?  Possibly not. But it does offer parent and child some quiet moments to calm down, and that helps. Your time-out location should be a quiet, boring, safe place. Place the ‘naughty stool’ there. Issue a minute  of time-out for each year of age, so a three-year-old gets three minutes of time-out.