9 Signature Pandan Treats Every Singaporean Foodie Must Try

British celebrity chef Nigella Lawson once said that she thinks pandan is going to be the new matcha. The flavour is fast becoming a trend in America and the UK, but in Singapore, pandan has always been a mainstay in cuisines here and is certainly no stranger to foodies.


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The pandan chiffon takes the cake (pun intended) for being the most beloved creation in Singapore, and it’s no wonder throngs of tourists buy boxes and boxes of the perennial favourite from Bengawan Solo to bring back to their hometowns.

In fact, the pandan cake was hailed Singapore’s national cake by travel website of US news outlet CNN in 2017. But pandan is also widely available in other forms besides cake, from rice dishes and curries to kuehs, tarts and beverages.

Here are nine delicious pandan treats you can savour in Singapore:


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Text: Joy Fang & Elizabeth Liew