1. Stay Calm

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If your child starts throwing toys at another child or starts to take his anger out on you, try to stop him by calmly block his hands.

2. Repeat Rules You’ve Set In Place

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Whether your rule is “No throwing toys” or “No hitting Mummy”, it’s important to remind your child what the rules are and set them in place.

3. Get Him To Apologise

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If your child has thrown something at another child, try to get him to apologise. Otherwise, be the good role model you are and apologise to the child and his parents.

4. Take Your Child To A Private Space 

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This is so that your child doesn’t feel embarassed when getting disciplined.

5. If Your Child Is Crying, Wait Till It Stops

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When your child is crying it’s harder to talk to them so wait for their tantrum to subside and try to calm them down with a hug if it’s possible.

6. Connect With Your Child

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Talk to your child at eye level and help him understand his emotions as much as possible.

7. Reason With Your Child 

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If your child is old enough to understand, try to get him to understand why throwing a tantrum in public is not encouraged. Let him know the pros and cons of what he does to get him to understand.

8. Think of Logical Consequences And Follow Through

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If your child is constantly throwing toys or hitting you whenever he’s upset, try to do the logical thing by telling him if he continues, you’re going to confiscate the toy or that you won’t carry him for the time being if he keeps trying to hit you.

9. Never Give in To Their Demands

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Whatever you do, try not to placate your child by offering a toy or giving into his demands. Doing so might just reinforce your child’s negative behaviour.

Text: Lea Wee/ The Straits Times Additional Reporting: Atika Lim 

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