Adopting a dog
Photo credit: Pixabay

With the recent report of a vet’s suicide in Taiwan over backlash of euthanising more than 700 dogs in two years because of overcrowding issues, it only goes to show that the better choice is to always adopt instead of buying from pet breeders. Hitting closer to home, latest statistics from Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) have also reported a total of 936 animals being put down over the span of one year. Animals that are taken in have either been abandoned or surrendered by owners who have changed their minds.


According to renowned dog whisperer Cesar Millan, people who get dogs without realizing what they are committing to are the first to abandon them. Instead of letting your emotions get in the way, here are some tips from Cesar that can help you come to a rational decision about getting a dog. Your rash decision of adopting a puppy might cause more harm than good if you’re not ready. Here’s what to know before committing yourself to owning a pet:

  • Are you honestly ready for the responsibility?

Getting a dog means taking care and being responsible for its every need. It can be time-consuming and tiring to juggle being a pet owner as well as the rest of your social and work life.

  • Take your family’s opinions into consideration

Are they all supportive and willing to take over the responsibility if there’s ever a need to? The dog could cause inconvenience to them, hence getting their approval would make the living environment much healthier and enjoyable for everyone, including the dog.

  • Think about how you can schedule your dog into your busy life.

No doubt, sacrifices has to be made. That includes possibly saying no to dinner plans because your dog needs a vaccination or simply because your dog needs to be walked and fed on a daily basis. These little things help to fulfill your dog’s wants and needs which are also as important.

  •  Pick a dog with an energy level equal to or lower than your own. 

A dog with higher energy than yourself, is possibly a very bad idea. Consider their age and your own as well. Make sure you spend sufficient time with the dog while it’s out of the cage and even taking it out for a walk to evaluate its behavior. Don’t base the decision solely on how cute it looks without thinking about how you’re going to keep up with it in the long run.

  • Leave your emotions at the door.

It can be heartbreaking watching unwanted dogs in a shelter but if you choose to give in to how badly you want to take it home or how cute it looks, you could end up adopting one that isn’t right for you and your family. Hence, causing suffering to both you and the dog.

If you think you’re up for adopting a pet, here are a few places to visit in Singapore.

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