9 Animals That Are Illegal To Keep As Pets In Singapore

Ever dreamed of owning a hedgehog or fox? Here’s why they, and other exotic wildlife creatures, are banned in Singapore

9 Animals That Are Illegal To Keep As Pets In Singapore

Remember that Malaysian singer, Zarith Sofia Yasin, who allegedly mistook a bear for a dog and took it home? The 27-year-old was arrested after neighbours saw the sun bear (which is endangered, by the way) poking its head out of a window in her condominium. 

She had apparently stumbled across the bear cub looking weak and wanted to help it before taking it to a local zoo. Zarith claimed that she had no intention to exploit the animals. The singer has since been charged and fined for the act.

While it is unlikely that you might mistake a bear for a dog, we thought it’ll be interesting to take a look at nine other animals that Singapore has banned as pets so this mistake doesn’t happen again. 


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Text: Camillia Dass / Photo: Pexels