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These are tough questions, but it’s important to ask them, says Jasveer. (Photo:

“I need help with my work”
You may be competent in your job, but every once in a while, you may find that you have too much to handle and not enough people on your team to help you with it. When you talk to your boss about this, tell her how having additional resources or support might help deliver a better outcome. Be specific about the kind of help you need as well, for instance, a bigger budget, or a temporary or part-time team member.

“Can I be honest about how I feel towards that co-worker and you?”
Focus on the positive aspects of your peers and boss. It is okay to be honest about any negative aspects that you feel may be affecting your performance or the performance of the team, but do not turn these criticisms into personal attacks or complaints.

“Do you plan to promote me?”
Where does your management see you in one, three or five years? Perhaps your bosses see some potential in you that you don’t see in yourself at the moment. Knowing where you stand in relation to the company’s long-term plans is important for your career planning so don’t be afraid to ask.

“Can I have a salary raise?”
Yes, especially if you have a case for it. So, if you have contributed a great deal over the last couple of years and feel that you deserve an increment, talk to your boss about it. You may even wish to compare your current salary with the industry standard if you feel you are underpaid.


Text: Sasha Gonzales, Simply Her, February 2016 / Additional reporting: Sylvia Ong

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