8 Best Chicken Rice Stalls We Love In Singapore

We all have our hawker favourites, but for many, Hainanese Chicken Rice places right at the top of the list. Why? It’s convenient, affordable, and has a complex taste, thanks to the accompanying sauce, chilli and oily rice. We could go on but chances are, you already know what we’re waxing lyrical about.


Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice is one of the top favourites of many chicken rice lovers here.

This beloved dish is so popular it can be found in almost every corner of our island and at every type of eatery, from coffeeshops and hawker centres to standalone stores, hotel restaurants and even fusion cafes. Everyone has an opinion on where the best chicken rice stall is, so we’ve rounded up our thoughts on the best spots here to indulge in this unofficial national dish.

Text: Joy Fang

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