The Best Travel Credit Cards To Use For Overseas Shopping

So you’ve been saving up your annual leave and spending every hour searching for cheap air tickets online. And now, it’s time to embark on well-deserved overseas holiday. But before you blow the rest of your cash on your trip, make sure you get yourself one of these best travel credit cards in Singapore.


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“Wait, why can’t I just use my usual credit card?” you ask. You can, of course, but you should first check the T&Cs. Not all credit cards give you the same generous cash rebates or rewards points on overseas spending.

Another reason you might want to get a dedicated travel credit card is that the foreign currency transaction fee (which varies from bank to bank and sometimes even credit card to credit card) may erode whatever rebates you’re currently getting.

In short: Use the wrong credit card on holiday, and you’ll come back to a depressing credit card bill. Let’s see which credit card is best for travel.