1. M1

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M1’s Data Passport service lets users extend their local data use while overseas for a fee. For instance, customers on the mySIM 30 plan would be able to use their usual 6GB local data bundle overseas if they sign up for Data Passport.

This service has a $2 activation fee and starts from $10 a month per country. It is available in 46 different countries, including popular destinations like Australia, Hong Kong and the US. M1 also extended it to Brazil up till next month to coincide with the 2016 Rio Olympics.

But users will have to make sure they are connected to the correct partner roaming network while overseas. If you connect to a non-partner network, you may get a bill shock upon your return, as those data charges will be pegged accordingly to roaming rates.

Really heavy data users can sign up for unlimited data roaming, which is capped at $15 a day in certain countries.

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2. Singtel 

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Singtel customers have the most straightforward options for data roaming, if only because they have limited options for it.

Their daily unlimited plans, which range from $19 to $29, depending on the country, cover 110 locations globally.

If you require only small amounts of data, Singtel also offers roaming in 100MB increments, which cost $10. This is capped at a maximum of five increments a day, and data is unlimited after the fifth one.

For short trips in the Asia-Pacific area, travellers can opt for the 30-day ReadyRoam plan, which gives 1GB of data use for $20.

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3. Starhub


StarHub postpaid customers have the option of signing up for the telco’s DataRoam Daily Unlimited service, which costs $19 a day. This gives them unlimited data roaming on preferred partner networks in 56 countries.

The telco also has a RoamEasy Daily service for those who do not plan to use a lot of data. This costs $10 per 100MB for data roaming on any mobile network in 75 countries.

StarHub offers a prepaid option that is also open to non-StarHub customers. The Happy Roam SIM allows users to consume data in eight destinations – Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Britain and the US – without incurring roaming charges.

This starts from $5 for 1GB for three days, and goes up to $20 for a 3.6GB bundle to be used within 30 days.

Frequent travellers can sign up for the RoamEasy Monthly plan. The RoamEasy 400MB costs $40 a month for 400MB of data use on any mobile network in 75 countries. There is also a 1GB option at $100 a month.

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Text: Lester Hio/Straits Times