15 Heritage Eateries In Singapore That Will Take You Back In Time

In the ever-evolving F&B landscape of Singapore, restaurants and food trends come and go at the speed of lightning. While it is exciting that there are always new spots on our “must try” list, there are certain restaurants that have weathered time, trends and diners’ changing tastes. Some of these have reinvented itself into a “retro cool” avatar, while others remain painstakingly old school with menus stuck in a time-warp (although that’s admittedly part of the charm).


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But that’s not to say that these heritage eateries will be around forever. For instance, Singapore’s oldest Cantonese restaurant Moi Lum closed its doors for good in March this year. So before they’re gone for good, here are our pick of the best heritage eateries around the island: Restaurants that childhood memories are made up of, places our parents and grandparents still favour a meal at, and food that is still prepared the way it was decades ago when they first opened (plus a couple that have reopened this year!).

All in all, we’re hoping these eateries never close because they’re a part of Singapore’s history:

Text: Priyanka C. Agarwal & Esther Au-Yong/SilverKris, Photo: Capitol Milk Bar