10 Comforting Porridge Buffets In Singapore For The Whole Family

Warm your belly with these value-for-money Taiwan and Teochew porridge buffets picks in Singapore!

10 Comforting Taiwan And Teochew Porridge Buffets In Singapore

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We can probably all agree that porridge is one of the best Asian comfort foods out there, hands down. It’s something you can enjoy when you’re feeling under the weather, or when you want something a little lighter than rice. Plus, it’s the perfect meal to share with family, because you can pair plain porridge with an almost infinite combination of meats, veggies and more, zi char style.

So instead of hitting your regular hawker centre for Teochew mui, why not kick things up a notch and enjoy unlimited servings of porridge and dishes at a porridge buffet? We’re sure ah ma will approve. Here are 10 Taiwan and Teochew porridge buffets in Singapore for a relaxing weekend family meal:


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Note: Although many Taiwan/Teochew porridge dishes are seafood-, egg- and veggie-based, braised pork is also one of the staple ingredients, so it goes without saying that all of these places are not halal. The most halal-friendly option would be the ART, which doesn’t use pork or lard in their cooking.