The Best Positions For Mind-Blowing Sex In 2019, According To Your Zodiac Sign


Next time you want to Marie Kondo your home, find a Goat to help. On top of being generous with their time and money, they’re great organisers. And they’ll willingly help you, even if they had a million other things to do. Because of their understanding and helpful personalities, people born in the Year of the Goat have many friends.

People know you will listen and try to understand the other person’s point of view. This often makes you the peacemaker in arguments, but it can also make you a little introverted and unable to relax in social settings. And while no one has exactly the same personality in and out of bed, you also find it hard to let loose between the sheets.

This reservation is partly because Goats are admirably mature, but also because they don’t want to face unnecessary pressure. If they feel a discussion (or a sex session) is going nowhere, Goats can retreat into a stubborn silence, which makes communication difficult.

People born in the year of the Goat are close to their family and they genuinely care about other people. But deep in their hearts, they can be pessimistic. Because they are so thoughtful and mature, they see problems in a lot of detail—overwhelming detail, sometimes. This can make it impossible for them to see clearly enough to solve problems—they get paralysed with worry, endlessly fretting over details.

And despite their kindness towards others, Goats are hard on themselves and never feel satisfied. They may try use bouncy enthusiasm to hide their anxieties, but the truth is, Goats need lots of emotional support to thrive.



What? This old thing? Think of it this way: Missionary is a classic, and often underrated. It’s great for kissing and making eye contact, and leaves everyone’s hands free to explore breasts, chests, nipples and whatever else you fancy.

Because you’re facing each other, it encourages you to bond emotionally—your two bodies are fusing into one. The Missionary is simple, but it still gets the job done—and you don’t have to talk about anything (unless you want to).

If you want to add a little variation, toss your legs on his shoulders, wedge a pillow under your hips, or raise your knees so your guy can enter from a higher angle.

Sitting Sex


As intimate as spooning, sitting sex is cuddle-sex you can do almost anywhere, from the narrowest space to when he’s sitting in a chair.

It’s tricky to get much thrusting going on, but you can grind on each other to make the sex last longer. Plus, it makes you feel very close to each other—your arms and legs are tangled in a super-sexy hug, with benefits.

Chinese Horoscope Signs Most Compatible With Goat

The Horse makes the Goat feel safe and their headstrong energy helps the Goat shake off paralysing inertia and actually solve problems.

Although gentle Rabbits are very different from Horses, their dependable nature and care sooth the Goat’s anxiety. Both naturally warm and empathic, Pigs and Goats understand each other’s need for emotional support.

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