The Best Positions For Mind-Blowing Sex In 2019, According To Your Zodiac Sign


Monkeys are super-smart and clever that they find it easy to run rings around the rest of us! This can make them a little cocky—and self-centered—when they make decisions. Monkeys are competitive, which can be both good and bad in bed—they’re absolutely determined to be your best lover. And if you don’t let them know how great they are, they can become jealous.

If you’re a Monkey, you’re always willing to learn. You see everyone as a teacher and you’ll willingly listen to tips on how to improve your techniques at work—and in bed.

When it comes to sex, men and women born in the year of the Monkey year are enthusiastic and adaptable… and you know how to manipulate others to get what you want. Sometimes you do it with clever words or a joke.

And although you can be playful, you are very tolerant. Instead of fixating on your lover’s faults, you look past them and give them another chance. This allows you and your partner to be open to trying out new things in bed.

A Monkey’s interests are always changing. This can be a good thing in that a Monkey won’t keep nagging about that one thing that happened seven years ago, but it also means Monkey’s find it all too easy to move onto the next person if this relationship gets old or boring. So take a tip—mix it up, in bed and out of it.

Lift Off


Start in the Missionary position, and then as he leans back, you use your feet and hands to support yourself while lifting up your hips into the “Bridge Position” (like in Yoga class). Brace yourself so he can sit up on his knees, inside of you.

This position is a fun challenge, and he can use his hands to give you some clitoral stimulation. If holding the Bridge Position is too tough, try this move lying on the sofa or bed—just scoot your butt along until it hangs over the edge of the bed. Same benefits, no strain.

Clitoral Conversation


Direct clitoral stimulation is what gets most women off. And this move is perfect for smart-mouthed Monkeys. In this variation, you kneel over your lover’s face, and lean forward slightly onto your hands and arch your back.

Because you’re taking your weight on your knees and arms, no one has to worry about suffocation, and you get more focused stimulation. Plus it’s a slightly more comfortable pose for your knees. Now adjust your hips back and forth so his tongue and mouth can hit that perfect spot.

Chinese Horoscope Signs Most Compatible With Monkey

The clever and thoughtful Snake is as smart as the Monkey, but more sophisticated and slower to act, so they either adore each other or clash like crazy!

Dragons and Monkeys admire each other’s strength, brains and magnetic personality while Rats are able to cheer Monkeys up when they’re feeling down. They both have curious minds, which can lead to fireworks in bed. Sex toys, new positions… for them, it’s Game On!

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