The Best Positions For Mind-Blowing Sex In 2019, According To Your Zodiac Sign


Roosters are not shy to say what others are thinking. If they see unfairness or inefficiency, they’re brave enough to call it as it is, even if that means angry words. Roosters don’t exactly pick fights, but they don’t run from them either. The Rooster’s motto may as well be “Bring it on!”

Because they’re hard-working, logical and fair, Roosters make great team leaders. They enjoy being the boss, they plan well and they’ll willingly help their team identify and solve problems. They’ll also loyally defend their team to the end—even if it means engaging in a battle.

Put it this way: Roosters don’t exactly pick fights, but they don’t run from them either. The Rooster’s motto may as well be “Bring it on!”

All this takes a lot of energy, so Roosters do best when they have a cheerleading squad to encourage them. Their family and partner is their refuge—the place they de-stress and relax. If you’re a Rooster your emotions are close to the surface; when you watch a movie you feel a rollercoaster of emotions from joy to tears. In bed, this can be great as you’re really in the moment… but it can also be overwhelming at times.

Rooster are responsible and organised, which is great when you’re at work, but in bed, it can make you a little nit-picky when things don’t go perfectly. Out of bed, and in-bed, you’re confident, but not conceited. Deep down, you want to be appreciated for who you are, but not judged. When you feel that appreciation, that’s when you reveal your true potential for passion.

Sofa Brace


Sometimes you don’t want to stare into your lover’s eyes. Maybe you want to fantasise in your head, or feel free to make a ridiculous O face—no judgement here!

In this variation of plank style, you are bent over the arm of a sofa, so you can feel more relaxed, or push back into him, depending on what you prefer. Plus, your pelvis is raised slightly more in this position so the angle of penetration is subtly different—you get to play around with new sensations and decide what feels best.

All Access


This Access All Areas position can be readjusted endlessly depending on what you want to stimulate.
He can hold onto your hip for better balance (or deeper thrusting) and you can lift your outer leg up or lie down to try a different angle.

Chinese Horoscope Signs Most Compatible With Roosters

The Rooster and Dragon cheer each other on, while Snakes give Roosters the intellectual challenge they love, and the encouragement they need to chase their dreams. Roosters also value the honest and reliable Ox—the pair may start out as just friends but admiration can grow into genuine passion.

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